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Our Values

Oasis sets examples through its projects. Shaping and maintaining a sustainable business environment for its clients has always been and will continue to be the prime most objective of Oasis Horizon Technical Services. OHTS approach is driven to discover novel methods to convert ideas into tangible reality. We follow this passion which has driven many of the world’s iconic architectural, engineering, infrastructure and planning projects.

Mission & Vision

To serve diverse business models by advancing, disseminating and applying engineering knowledge for improvising the quality of life; and communicating the excitement of engineering. Supply, only top quality products to our customers and associates.

We shall build a team of qualified and motivated professionals with cross functional expertise, skills in project and construction management, design, engineering, trading, finance and economics and thus address ourselves to opportunities booming in the infrastructure development business.


OHTS aims at customer delight, to develop and prolong relationships with both internal and external suppliers, working in partnership to meet supply chain requirements. At OHTS, we believe, that every member of our team shares the responsibility for quality and its improvement.

In order to put this into practice:

Management Team and Technical Team through individual practices and standards will endeavor to lead by example. Utmost commitment and adequate resources will be dedicated to ensure that the quality policies and programs implemented and sustained.

Compare OHTS performances with pioneers and accredited market leaders. Share such findings and the benchmark data with all relevant staff within the business.

Strive to obtain and sustain renowned and highest quality certifications.

Constant monitoring of measurable targets is done to evaluate whether our achievements are in line pre-determined objectives. OHTS quality processes and controls are implemented in a systematic manner to exceed our customers’ expectations by ensuring appropriate two-way communications are maintained to enable us to fully understand and fulfill client requirements.

Decisive responsibility for the achievement of QC objective is with the Managing Director who is backed by the entire management team and senior technicians vested with the responsibility and authority to implement company policies.

OHTS do however, believes that their staff is the single most important resource in the achievement of Quality Policy. Therefore, OHTS encourages an independent role based and open culture by ensuring that everyone is empowered with necessary skill set to contribute towards this quality policy implementation.

Health & Safety Policy

Oasis Horizon Technical Services LLC acknowledge and accept its statutory responsibility for securing the health, safety and welfare of all its employees and associates involved with the activities of the company.

Our below Health & Safety policies are designed in compliance with local H&S regulations. :

Safe and Healthy working environment with adequate sanitary and welfare facilities.

Provisioning adequate financial and physical resources to achieve H&S Regulations.

The provision and communication of suitable and sufficient assessments of the health and safety risks to employees and others as a means of preventing injury or ill health. Safe Systems of Work will be developed following this Risk Assessment process.

Supply sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable our employees to avoid hazards and contribute positively to their own safety and health at work.

Maintenance and arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transportation of plant, equipment, and materials.

Feedback from management, employees, clients and associates will be procured, processed and communicated to all concerned as an integral component of the continuous contribution to H&S policy making.

Setting up a culture whereby staff freely identifies conditions which may appear hazardous, dangerous or unhealthy and contribute to the resolution of noted issues.

OHTS will continually review the effectiveness of the management system by setting Health and Safety objectives and targets as part of the overall business targets. This will be done by assessing audit results, data analysis, corrective and preventive actions as part of the management review procedure.

The above H&S policy available in the official company website of OHTS www.oasishorizonllc.com stands valid. This can be referred by any party seeking relevant information about OHTS Health & Safety Policy. This policy will be reviewed periodically or modified as required by local statutory bodies. Any such revisions will be brought to the attention of all needed to be informed and will be update on OHTS website.

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